Basic Accessibility Testing Checklist

This checklist is intended to get you started with accessibility testing, using some of the most common errors found on websites. It is not a replacement for a full WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) evaluation.

  1. All interactive elements are reachable and usable from the keyboard
  2. There is visible keyboard focus on interactive elements
  3. All Interactive elements are in a logical tab order
  4. Any moving content can be paused, played and/or stopped from keyboard and mouse
  5. Color is not used on its own to convey information
  6. Text has enough contrast with its background
  7. Visuals have descriptive alt text or null alt text if decorative
  8. Page has a logical heading structure
  9. Lists and other semantic elements are marked appropriately
  10. Captions/audio description are present on video content, transcript is present for audio content
  11. Skip navigation exists, is visible on keyboard focus, works, comes before repeated links
  12. Page title describes page’s content
  13. Page language is set correctly
  14. Check for layout tables and incorrect reading order
  15. If table is a data table, it has proper table headers and scope
  16. There is no keyboard trap
  17. Links have descriptive link text
  18. Form has descriptive labels next to form fields, and these labels are correctly associated to the form fields in the HTML
  19. Test with screen reader