Dogs vs. Llamas

Time for us to settle the age-old debate of which animal is better, dogs or llamas?

This is a picture of a dog.

A llama eating grass.

This is a picture of a llama.


Seaman Nina Bowen shows some love to Chief Bert, Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina's mascot, near the boathouse at the station Feb. 17, 2017. Chief Bert is a retired explosive detection dog who worked for six years with the Maritime Safety and Security Team in Gavelston, Texas. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Nate Littlejohn)

Man's best friend.


Can sleep anywhere.

Picture of dog

Wook at dat smile! Who's a good boi?

Rightfully scared of cats.

Image of a dapper pug in glasses and a sweater.

Looks amazing in clothes.

Dogs obviously win this contest, but I suppose we can go ahead and give llamas a look anyway.

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Man's mortal enemy.

A llama catching some sun.

What even are they? Some kind of long-necked camel-rabbit-mop-sheep?

A llama in a barn.

They're watching... always watching...


They spit.

Close-up view of a llama glaring at the camera.

Hates dentists.

Clearly evil.


Llamas never stood a chance. Dogs are just significantly better in every conceivable way.

Of course, this entire webpage is just a joke, so take my opinion as you will.