Errors in Inaccessible Web Content and Design Example

  1. "When everyone works from home, does anyone?" formatted to look like a heading, but it isn't a true heading.
  2. Gray text has low color contrast.
  3. "Zoom" heading skips from Heading 1 to Heading 4.
  4. "Click here" link.
  5. List isn't an actual list structure.
  6. Pets heading not a true heading.
  7. Pets text given a positive tabindex.
  8. What to Do? heading not a true heading.
  9. W3C image link is missing alt text.
  10. First table with schedule has no headers assigned.
  11. Form fields labels are not associated to fields.
  12. Required form fields are marked using color alone.
  13. Question asking for one choice is using checkboxes.
  14. Question asking for multiple choice is using radio buttons.
  15. Captcha is included.