Set up Accessibility Tools in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

When remediating a PDF to make it accessible, you need to get your Adobe Acrobat Pro DC set up with the accessibility tools before you begin any remediation. Follow these steps to get your Acrobat ready:

Navigation Panes

The navigation panes are where you work with tags, content order, and reading order. They are located on the left-hand side of Acrobat. You may have to expand the bar to see the navigation pane buttons.

  1. To activate these panes, navigate to View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes.
  2. Next, click Content, Order, and Tags.
  3. Your panes should now be activated. These will stay activated even if you close Acrobat.

Add Navigation Panes

Navigation Panes with close toggle highlighted

Tools for Accessibility

Tools appear in the right-hand Tools Pane. Like the navigation panes, these will be available even after you shut down Acrobat. To add these tools to your toolbar, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Tools tab below the file menu.
  2. Find the tool you want to add, and click the Add button.

Please add the following tools:

  1. Scan & OCR
  2. Prepare Form
  3. Accessibility
  4. Action Wizard

While in the Tools tab, you can drag and drop the tools in the Tools Pane to be in the order you prefer, or you can open the context menu by using Shift + F10 or right-clicking on the tools and selecting Move Up or Move Down.

Tools Tab

Add Tool

Drag and drop in Tools Pane