ABLE Tech Testing Process

Scope the assessment

  1. Meet with client to determine important and commonly accessed features, components, and pages.
  2. Run enterprise tool to find common issues across site.
    • Note: This is optional, but we found an enterprise tool was really useful to help us scale.
  3. Review site to find unique pages or components.
  4. Combine all of these into a list of pages to test using WCAG checklist.

Note: This process is based on WCAG Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM).

Perform testing

During testing, issues are noted in our checklist spreadsheet. These issues are prioritized by loosely based on impact of error, impact of correction, and ease of correction. Information on how to correct issues is only added in certain circumstances.

  1. Test page header, footer, or other main page areas.
  2. Repeat above step if there are multiple templates that contain different headers, footers, etc.
  3. Test sample pages.

Create a report

We create a report to share with our findings in an accessible Microsoft Word file. This is not the report from our enterprise tool. We've found reports tools produce are sometimes overwhelming, and we try to distill our findings to create a place to start.

  1. Report contains summary with list of all issues organized by priority.
  2. Report contains full list of issues organized by page.